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the local impact of COVID-19

The impact of the coronavirus on Australia at a state and national level has been well covered.

However, the impacts will be felt very differently in the thousands of local communities that make up our nation. And the local responses need to be equally nuanced.

We've prepared this interactive whitepaper to help you understand the impact on your local community, so you can lead the local response.


through five social lenses

The demographic and economic impacts, the implications for housing and population forecasting, and an understanding of how community views and values vary across our country.

The demographic story

While Australia has so far avoided the mortality impact seen in other countries, the massive decline in overseas migration will change the demographic profile of Australia for years to come.

Overseas migration

The big story for Australia

Glenn Capuano

A demographer's analysis and guidance from our resident Census expert.

Nenad Petrović

How to identify vulnerable groups in your community.

Fewer future babies

Why fewer Australians will be born in the years ahead.

The economic impacts

Our economics team have modelled the impact of the coronavirus on local economies for every local government area in Australia.

Exposed industries

It's more than our universities that will be impacted by the loss of overseas students

Rob Hall

Themes emerging from our COVID-19 economic analysis

Keenan Jackson

The spatial story: why some areas will fare better than others.

Employment impacts

Why unemployment figures don't give you the full story.

Forecast: Australia in 2031

Our updated forecasts for Australia's population in 2031, accounting for the significant changes in net overseas migration.

Johnny Barnard

Shares our updated national forecasts

Katie Bayley

The local area forecast assumptions that should be closely monitored.

Setting baselines

If 'getting back to normal' is the goal, what did 'normal' look like?

“We don't have all the answers yet but we have an excellent framework for discussing these questions"

John O'Leary | Lead forecast modeller

The housing story

Housing was in the headlines well before COVID-19 reached Australia, as our cities work to provide affordable and appropriate dwellings for our growing population.

Georgia Allan

A guide to help you understand the supply of affordable and appropriate housing in your area.

The lived experience

A pre-COVID baseline of the lived experience in Australia: what we value, how well our communities deliver on those values, and how both those things vary across the country.

Dan Evans

The social researcher

Australia is entering a phase of social and economic re-build. We will soon be commencing a recovery from a massive economic shock which will have profound socio-demographic consequences.

What we know is that national trends of ageing, unemployment, underemployment, loss of overseas students, housing stress, health, trends and lived experiences have vastly different impacts across different places.

Ivan Motley | The founder

make informed decisions

We help local government and the private sector understand how big picture trends impact local communities.