Next steps

We will continue to review our forecasts at both national and state and territory levels as new information and thinking come to hand.

The new models we have built over the last year will enable us to respond quickly to changes in major population drivers.

What we're watching

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will continue to provide regular information on net overseas migration and net interstate migration which will influence our forecasts.

Economic forecasts and building approvals at sub-state levels will also be reviewed for their potential impacts.

We will continue to provide forecasts at both national and SA4 to Forecast Area geography and keep clients informed, but there will necessarily be some disconnect between our lower-level forecasts and most up to date views at a national and state and territory level.

This will mean SA4-FA level forecasts will be based on the control totals (National, State/territory) that were prepared at that time. We will monitor trends at the higher levels to determine where forecasts at localised geography (SA4 to Forecast area) are most in need of updating. The needs and preferences of our clients will also be factored into these selections.

New forecast notifications

We'll send you an email each time a new forecast is updated, including an analysis of the latest data from our team.